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We, Multi Lingua Legal Translation, are not exactly the new kid on the block; in fact, we are an accomplished corporate house with loads of experience and accolades to our credit.
Since we have been part of a public relation agency, we are known and acknowledged as the premier press release translation provider. We have the translation of over 30,000 press releases to our credit.
Moreover, it is not just Arabic to English or vice versa; we have stamped our authority in translations by translations from and to various other languages as desired by our local and international clients.

One step further

Starting off as a purely translation agency, Multi Lingua Legal Translation branched out to the following tasks as dictated by our august clients.
Thus, it comes fortified with the experience of over 15 years in:

  • Translations of all kinds of documents including Legal/ Technical/ Medical/ Financial/ Academic/ Doctoral ones,
  • Copywriting or rewriting website
  • Editing,
  • Proofreading services, and
  • Plagiarism removal.

Translations at their best

A press release is a proven tool for getting wide publicity; at Multi Lingua Legal Translation, we are always keen to provide you that special touch that will make you stand out from the rest.
It is common knowledge that a well-crafted press release can result in several articles that boost your popularity and sales.
Press releases are a cost-effective tool that results in word-of-mouth publicity too. No amount of advertising can ever equal the impact of this kind of publicity.
That is why Multi Lingua Legal Translation  makes certain that your press releases are worth their weight in gold; our highly experienced translators are keen to ensure that.
In effect, Multi Lingua Legal Translation  provides that extra edge to your products in this competitive market. To summarize:

a. The story made out is highly newsworthy,
b. Our press releases serve as a sales tools,
c. We write them like a news story,
d. Various quotes and proven examples are included, and
e. Almost all our press releases are published widely.

Ever since the digital revolution took the modern world of communications by storm, every small innovation or aspect has assumed added significance. There was a time when every communication was still in its initial stage and every communication was just that, a piece of information with a very limited coverage due to the communication networks still being in their infancy.
But, with the global reach that is now available, the impact of a press notification or release, or whatever you choose to call is that much more forceful.
Consequently, like other aspects of communications, much more attention to detail is bestowed on the press releases.
At   Multi Lingua Legal Translation we have developed the process of drafting, rewriting, proofreading, finalizing and publishing a press release to a finely-honed art.

What is a Press Release?

In layman terms, we may say that a press release is a piece of information that is issued to the media for onward transmission to a chosen target audience.
The main reason for passing it on through the news media is to ensure widespread reach so that the communication reaches its intended audience.

It has become imperative to ensure that the correct components are not left out of the communique. It reflects on the organization’s professionalism and work culture.
Hence, due care is taken by all our employees that:
1. Each and every press release conforms to the guidelines issued by the company to ensure uniformity of approach,
2. All processes as laid down are implicitly followed and
3. The format and draft is approved by the competent authority.

Components of a press release

While there are certain standard components that comprise a press release, it is not mandatory to stick to each and every item; exceptions can be made depending on the requirements of the client.

Some of these common structural elements include:
a. Headline – The headline is the first item that will be seen by the reader hence all effort is made to make it as eye-catching as possible. It may not be sensational; just something that will hold the attention of a reader and make him want to read it.

Furthermore, it is the job of a headline to convey a summarized glimpse about what the news contains,

b. Dateline – Another vital part of the press release, it states the city and the date of the press release. In certain cases, it is required that the item be published on a particular future date; the owner of the release might provide instructions to hold the release of the release till the date listed.

c. Introduction – As in any other report, the intention of the first paragraph is to apprise the reader about the who, what, when, where and why of the information,

d. Body – The body dwells on the complete news story in detail; in other words, it conveys the remaining portion of the information,

e. Boilerplate – This portion is quite prevalent in press releases and speaks about the issuing company, organization, or individual concerned.

f. Concluding – Various signs have been developed to indicate the end of the press release. It depends on the customs prevalent in the country or industry.

g. Press contact information – Complete details of the person concerned with initiating the release,

h. The duty of our employees is to:

a. Understand the importance of the press release,
b. The needs of the client for the release,
c. The target audience and its relevance,
d. The schedule for publishing, and
e. Any other instructions that they may find pertinent to the press release.
f. Getting the print-ready copy dispatched to the concerned agencies.

Initially, the PR translators of Multi Lingua Legal Translation broache the subject of the press release with the client;
The issue is discussed threadbare to determine the vital components that should not be missing; and
The final shape of a press release is normally less than 500 words since it should fit within an A4 sized page. A standard press release should be over within 4 paragraphs ideally.