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Dubbing, or mixing, is a process that takes place after production of a film or video. It involves adding sound recording that is mixed with the original recorded sounds to create a better quality finished product. We offer this service through our network of professional sound studios.

Dubbing is a technological art. It requires not only the knowledge of the target language, but also the know-how to complete your project technologically. We offer expertise in both areas. The technical process takes place on a dub stage. After the initial recording, sound editors prepare the tracks, then the dubbing mixer proceeds to make it all perfectly balanced and pure.

The type of dubbing we do is highly specialized. Our potential customers sometimes assume that it means replacing a speaker’s voice on film with a foreign language expression of the same thing. It’s actually a much more precise art when done correctly. We look at it as coming up with a brand new original.

professional audio mixer in a recording studio