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Experience dictates that the process of presenting yourself to a recruiter or HR Manager is a very vital aspect of your career. Since, in most cases, you and the HR Manger are strangers, your CV or resume assumes added significance since first impressions may sometimes take you far.
On the other hand, a bad presentation may mar your chances of landing that plum job that you have been dreaming of. A well-crafted resume could catapult you to the top of the list of contenders for those jobs that are highly coveted.
Let us repeat that, making or breaking your career is the job of your CV since it brings forth all your strengths while covering up your weaknesses, if any.
Moreover, the HR Manager has to manage the long list of aspirants and is often pressed for time. This gives you a very short window of time to make that vital impression on the busy HR functionary.
Consequently, your CV happens to be the most important document as far as your career prospects are concerned. Never underestimate the importance of a powerful presentation which your CV should be.

Get it right

But, things have changed drastically since globalization has set in. Your dream job may be available but in a foreign land with several constraints, language being the most common one.
Even with the best communication skills and qualifications, you may find yourself at odds due to a new language. First of all, it is in your own interest that the CV is not only translated to the other language but that it is done efficiently.
The accuracy of the following details might be the difference getting shortlisted or failing to make the cut:
Academic and Technical qualifications,
Associated qualifications and trainings attended,
Other skills and extracurricular achievements,
Exceptional abilities, and
Any other aspect worth a mention.
Moreover, choosing the apt person for each job is a very sensitive task with meticulous care being taken by our management.
The idea is to highlight your credentials adequately within the short span that the translator should know what the essential ingredients of a CV are.

At Multi Lingua Legal Translation, we have a panel of linguistic experts drawn from various academic and industrial backgrounds and who have been doing the translations on a regular basis.
Needless to say, they are all native speakers who have earned the respect and trust of our paying customers.
Due care is taken to match the required job and the industry involved with a translator with the appropriate translator with the right experience. This is the prime reason for the resounding success and the good name that Multi Lingua Legal Translation is known for.
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The salient features of our CV translation services are:

Professional output

We maintain an online presence with real-time updates on the status of your projects so that you can remain updated at all times as to the status of your project. This saves time for both Multi Lingua Legal Translation

and the client.
Moreover, our efficient translators normally finish a 500-word document in a matter of two hours.

Reasonable charges

Multi Lingua Legal Translation is also well-known for being the most reasonably priced projects in spite of its fame and hold on the market share. We charge the lowest for the quality that we deliver.
Furthermore, these rates are only indicative since each case is dealt according to various factors like difficulty and academic styles that are required.

Speed of delivery

We have a tradition of sticking to our delivery schedules with zeal. In short our Standard Operating Procedures are so well designed that our customers vouch for the realistic execution of all our promises with regards to completion of their work.
Our policies are clear in this regard since we work with thorough professionals who have been at it since a long time; they also realize the importance of delivering on time.
We function round the clock so that we can meet the urgent demands of our clientele as and when they arise.


We at Multi Lingua Legal Translation also take maximum mileage from the best marketing tool in the world i.e. word-of-mouth publicity. The favorable reviews that our customers provide us are responsible to establish as the undisputed market leader.
But, we pass on the credit tour team of translators and the editors and Proofreaders who vet every document to make it perfect.
We employ a large number of native translators covering almost every language that we come across.
And, the bottom-line is: Multi Lingua Legal Translation translates all documents in most languages.