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Knowledge Based Translation Service

Our patent Knowledge Based Translation Service is designed to help with projects that are highly specialized and require a particular type of knowledge from the linguistic expert doing the translation work. This option is essential for documents of a technical nature. We also recommend this service for text that involves terminology or procedures that requires specific knowledge. We will place your document in the hands of someone who is familiar with your type of business vernacular. The list of possible knowledge-based projects is endless: scientific, medical, engineering, pharmaceutical, financial, IT, agricultural, political, military to name some. No matter what type of knowledge your project requires, we will provide an accurate, precise translation completed by a native-speaking professional from your area of concentration.

If your project requires further research, a Knowledge Based Translation is the option for you. If the linguist responsible for your translation needs more information, thorough research will be conducted so that the final document expresses its message with absolutely correct information.

You can take advantage of knowledge based translations for websites and newsletters. Public relation agencies can use this helpful service for press releases, articles, speeches, and interviews.

As a convenience to our returning clients, we maintain a database with all of the vital information and terminology regarding your personal projects. This helps us to do our job well and makes your life easier, too.

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