In an attempt to achieve excellence and extend our services to a larger client base, Multi Lingua Legal Translation adopted the policy of localization of its translations to gain that edge over its competitors.
The services that we offer to the esteemed array of our national and international clients assume added significance whenever we have to go beyond simple translation services. Therefore, a professional translation outfit needs to adopt the next higher level through a
process called localization.
In layman’s terms, the aspect of translation is not just restricted to translation from one language to another; we go one step further and just mould the translated text to give it a genuine localized flavor.

Globalization, Internationalization, Localization

Traditionally, the ultimate aim of almost every business entity is to spread its wings over a larger client base vertically and geographically. Similarly, expansion entails embracing newer products and services to increase their range to capture the market share.
In layman terms, since most nations and regions have their own customs, languages, cultures and practices, there may be vital differences in familiarity with the customizations of a product that was designed and prepared for another locale.
Hence, it would be necessary to suitably modify your product to ensure wider acceptance and familiarity with its introduction in say, another part of the world.
Therefore, globalization and localization have assumed a more pivotal role to ensure proper adaptability to suit newer languages, regions and cultures. The effort being directed at creating familiarity and wider acceptability among different cultures and peoples, localization of each product or service becomes mandatory.
Different countries have different economic conventions leading to vast variations that need to be addressed; moreover, legal compliances require localization in most fields. While localization applies to most of the spheres of activity in a business sense, the most ticklish and laborious part is translation which is part of the process of language localization.
The whole process of globalization was dealt by an entity called Localization Industry Standards Association (LISA) that argued that globalization was not one process but a cycle comprising of two distinct components i.e. internationalization and localization.
In fact, Internationalization is considered as the first phase of globalization which prepares a product that is generally having standardized features so as to be generally acceptable to almost all the target regions in the international arena.
This implies that the product should be in general conformity to the requirements of global markets in a broader sense. This also implies that due care will have to be taken to make the products relevant to the marketplaces in the target regions.

Hence, this requirement should be foremost for a product at the:
 Planning stage: so that it does not have components not easily understood globally,
 Designing stage, and
 Pre-launching stage.

Thus, an internationalized product would ensure that it would be generally acceptable to the global markets.
However, localization happens to be location-specific as the name implies. It is the actual step that provides the local flavors addressing the following:
 Linguistic issues,
 Business issues,
 Physical issues,
 Cultural issues, and
 Technical issues.

The end product is not ready after either the internationalizing stage or the localizing stage till it
undergoes extensive testing including Quality Control measures.
These tests are specially focused on the requirements of the client which is the yardstick for ensuring success of the product.
Only then does Multi Lingua Legal Translation consider that the product is absolutely market-ready.
Making a foray into a new region might not be as seamless as one would wish, particularly if there are barriers of language, culture and ethnic issues. Such a situation calls for the services of Multi Lingua Legal Translation that is equipped to provide the required translations and localize the documentation as desired.
Multi Lingua Legal Translation with thousands of translations over a period of 15 years is a one-stop destination for all corporate entities that have reposed their trust in the professionally adequate services that we are known for.
The content that we provide is tailored to the requirements of the client while also aligning aptly to your target markets. This is because of our knowledge of the languages and cultural highlights of the regions where you wish to foray.
Our long-time familiarization with various cultural groups arises out of the expertise of the hand- picked scholars that give us the good name that we possess in the market.



  •  Website and Software localizations,
  •  Localization of marketing,
  • Medical localizations.
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What separates Multi Lingua Legal Translation from the rest

  • Minute attention to the smallest detail,
  • Pinpointed research by experts,
  • Precise order,
  • Amazing word choice,
  • Apt images and their best placement,
  • High quality content, and
  • Marketing pitch, as required.

Our strengths

  • Over 100 languages,
  • Professional time-tested translators,
  • Quality assurance process.

Main areas covered

  • Information Technology,
  • Ecommerce,
  • Business and Finance,
  • Legal documentation,
  • Medicine and diseases,
  • Health and fitness,
  • Spiritual subjects,
  • Sports and games,
  • International Development
  • Academic and scientific texts,
  • Government matters and
  • Many other areas.
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