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Simultaneous Interpretation:

With our rapidly growing global world, there comes a need for Simultaneous Interpretation. In a crowd of many nationalities gathered to hear an important speech, this expedient translation service is absolutely essential so that everyone can understand what is being shared at roughly the same time. When we provide Simultaneous Translation, we translate what someone is speaking or writing as they are in the act of doing so. With only a few seconds of lag time, we can keep you completely up to date on the information being exchanged.

We offer expert Simultaneous Translators in every conceivable language who can help you communicate and understand exchanges with anyone in the world, anywhere. Our experts are native speakers and have the conversational skills to completely grasp the message to be shared.

The service we offer covers the entire process of your project. We even help with pre-event planning. If you require a translator, we will make all necessary arrangements as far as travel, transportation, and scheduling. Let us handle the little details from start to finish. That’s what we do! We always close our performance with a careful assessment of your level of satisfaction.

The concern of necessary equipment will become our territory, too. We will supply technology like interpreter booths, infrared receivers/headsets, microphones, or any other required supplies. If you have an existing setup that’s working well for you, of course we’ll happily make things easier for you.

This choice of Translation service is perfect for important business communication or for any data that must be instantly understood. In this day of Skype exchanges, our Simultaneous Translators are highly valued. We have ample staff to handle large volumes of work. We always have someone available to quickly translate important messages so you never have to wonder or wait.

Headphones for simultaneous translation

Multi Lingua Legal Translation L.L.C will provide you with experienced project manager(s), on-site coordinator(s), equipment technicians and the interpreters. Proper prior planning is a must. Therefore, we require the following information:

  • Venue location.
  • Event dates.
  • Number of delegates attending the event.
  • The number of infrared receivers with headphones (determined by the number of attendees).
  • The language pair(s) required.
  • The number of booths (determined by the number of language pairs).
  • Layout of the venue.

We provide simultaneous or consecutive interpretation for such events as:

  • Business meetings.
  • International gatherings.
  • Conventions.
  • Exhibitions.
  • Product launches
  • International conferences.
  • Conference calls.
  • Training seminars and lectures.
  • Medical exams.
  • Panel discussions.
  • Presentations.
  • Courtrooms.
  • Tours.
  • Panel discussions.
  • Quality audits.
  • And many more.

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