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 Voice-Over Service:

Let us write a highly effective script for you and provide the perfect voice to speak the words. Our Voice-Over Service offers a 3-fold system. First, we translate the original script into the language you desire. Then we select the perfect linguist to record the audio. Lastly, we add it to synchronize perfectly with your video. Our Voice-Over artists are male and female and a wide variety of ages so we can easily find the right fit for your message! From humor to serious content, we will present your script the ideal way.

This service is perfect for television broadcasts, training courses, website videos, internal and external business use, and any other film you may need translated. The language is no barrier because we employ talented linguists from all over the world. We’ve got you covered. Our experts understand and speak the target language with conversational proficiency.

Even if you require a large number of Voice-Overs, we can handle the work because we’ve got the workforce to do it and do it quickly. We’ll deliver your order to you on time in the format you request. Your order arrives at your door ready to go!

Reliable service every time, we use the best available technology to deliver quality work you’ll be proud to share. It will perfectly encapsulate the message in the original with absolutely no meaning lost. If you want to keep up with the global rat race, Voice-Over translations are mandatory. Why not leave it to the experts?